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De Feiers is a semi-acoustic Rock Group that has been entertaining audiences for years. With a passion for music and a dedication to their craft, the band delivers unforgettable performances.

Meet the members of the band:

  • Piter Wilkens - Guitar/Mandoline/Vocals
  • Gunar Boon - Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals
  • Harry van Wieren - Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals
  • Johan Jongerius - Electric Bassguitar/Vocals


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Discover our latest music. We have a wide range of Pop-Rock music that will get you grooving. Check out Youtube, Facebook etc. and listen to our tracks.

Tour Dates

Don't miss our live performances. Check out our upcoming tour dates and locations:

2025: 07-02 Mariatsjerke Boer

2025: 05-02 't Nut Ferwert Hegebeintum
2025: Lots of private parties
2024: 23-11 De Spil Sneek
2024: 18-10 De Latearne Surhuisterveen
2024: 06-10 't Haske Joure
2024: 29-09 'Café De Jutter De Koog Texel
2024: 28-07 Paviljoen MeM Buitenpost
2024: 09-05 Herema park live Joure
2024: 04-02 Mariatsjerke Boer
2024: Lots of private parties
2023: 09-09 Merke Marsum
2023: 07-09 Merke Marsum
2023: Lots of private parties
2022: 31-12 Aldjiersoertinking
2022: 20-08 Arcadia Marsum
2022: Lots of private parties


Ready to embark on a musical time-travel adventure with De Feiers? Hit play, let the nostalgia wash over you, and relive the magic of the 60s, 70s, and 80s!


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De Feiers lock up the house, turn out the lights and step out into the night. De Feiers dont't like people when they're not polite. De Feiers fought the law and the law won. De Feiers set the controls for the heart of the sun. De Feiers beat on the brat. De Feiers told you before you can't do that. De Feiers only want what's best for him. De Feiers tell automatic slim. De Feiers just can't seem to get to you through the NL mail. De Feiers feel so lonely in the belly of the whale. De Feiers gonna blow a fifty amp fuse. De Feiers wanna wear her red shoes. De Feiers remember standing by the wall. De Feiers break like a bull through the hall. De Feiers kiss you on the bus. De Feiers is what you'll get when you mess with us. De Feiers don't need no whiners. De Feiers won't get fooled again.

Live in Boer

Feiers in Boer 2024

Live in Marsum


Live in Marsum